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Published by: George Kosch 20-Feb-13
One Penny Clicks on FaceBook with this Software

You may not know it, but you will be using PPC campaigns
on FaceBook... that is, if you are going to be an IM success.

The key to low cost clicks on Facebook comes down to one thing: Your CTR.
That's "click through rate" for those that don't know.

Get this right and its the difference between Rich or Poor - yes
cheesy, but true.

Your ad needs to include an image that DEMANDS attention.

The solution is this software here:

==> https://www.jvzoo.com/c/1/29173/p1a

BannerCrusher PRO produces 63 different variation of your facebook
ad image, that use an neat "Pattern interrupt technique" to grab
attention of the user towards your ad copy and get maximum clicks
and cheap CPCs.

CPCs as low as 1 cent is possible when you use the right copy,
target audience and use an image that gets more eyeballs

Bannercrusher PRO produces 63 such images instantly. It has an
option to download ALL images to your computer and then use the
best ones you think will convert or if you are a pro Facebook user
you can even create 63 different ads to find out the winner which
makes you money on the long run.

Whether you need it now or later, you will need Banner Crusher Pro,
so get it while it is CHEAP!

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